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As an Archaeologist, cork bark and all of it’s industry is the perfect example of how important it is to learn from the past. To learn how sustainability was something naturally a part of the pre-industrialized world, in a time where humans lived in a quasi-perfect symbiotic lifestyle with the world that surrounds them. And they had too because there was no artificially charged creation of products, so everything had to be taken care to make it last or useful for the next season, the next crop, the next year and so everything was used, re-used and recycled even though they had no sense of this actually being an action, it was just the way they lived.

By diversifying the cork industry and buying cork products of Portuguese origin, we are keeping an ancient traditional industry alive, saving the cork forests through maintaining it’s sustainable forestry practice intact. Ensuring the survivability of entire ecosystems that would otherwise disappear, including the protection of the habitat of the Iberian Lynx, All of this depends on forests of this remarkable Oak Tree

On top of that, the humane side. Giving fairly paid jobs to locals that have been doing this job for generations. Ensuring the products made are of Portuguese and European standards quality and respect workers rights in Europe.

Now give to this the twist of mixing cork with the latest technology in textiles production and you have the perfect clash between ancient tradition and futuristic technologiy. A clash between the past and the future hapenning right here in our very own present.

I believe that, rediscovering cork as a material with everyday use potential, we can create a better sustainable world by connecting different cultures, different people, different ideas, united under the mission of living, using and wearing sustainable and ethical #corkfabric

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