About cork

Why cork as a sustainable alternative? We could write dozens and dozens of words about it but why do so when there is a plethora of info on this fantastic natural material.

Below, you can find handy links to information about cork bark, it’s uses. These links go from wikipedia articles to full blown documentaries and scientific articles. Have a look below and as always, any questions, feel free to contact us through our contact page.

The tree, cork oak or scientifically named Quercus Suber: 

Quercus Suber
Plants of the World online – Quercus Suber
Rainforest Alliance – Cork Oak
European Forest Genetic Resources Programme – Quercus Suber
Noble Biomass: Restore, Recycle, Profit Using Cork Oak (Quercus suber L.)

Characterization of Cork Oak (Quercus Suber) Wood Anatomy

Floristic composition, typology and distribution of European Quercus suber forests


Information about cork bark: 

Cork (material)
Cork: Biology, Production and Uses


Suberin the substance that composes cork bark:

Suberin: the biopolyester at the frontier of plants
Handbook of Biopolymer-Based Materials: From Blends and Composites to Gels
Surface Properties of Suberin
Suberin: A Biopolyester of Plants’ Skin


News Articles regarding the Cork Forest and Iberian Lynx conservation :

On the trail of the rarest cat on Earth (a short drive from the Costa del Sol)

The Cork Oak Forests Want You to Drink More Wine

Yes To Cork — Save Forests, Jobs and the Iberian Lynx

Put a cork in it!

Champagne corks help the lynx

Put a cork in it and save the lynx

The fight to save the world’s most endangered cat



Cork Forest in a Bottle – A BBC Documentary showcasing the whole ecosystem of cork forests and it’s traditional relationship with Humans.

A SUSTAINABLE FOREST – The cork oak and holm oak ecosystems in Portugal – A Forest documentary featuring one of Portugal’s leading biologists, Luisa Nunes. Explaining the importance of cork forests from a scientific prespective

Portugal. Cork harvesting, processing and use 60 years ago – A look at the cork industry in a pre-plastic era.