Black Friday!!!

Happy to announce our Black Friday event is on following this link:

Did you notice the difference? That’s right… there’s none. As always, we believe that Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays are complete marketing ploys designed only to fuel fast fashion and fast consumerism. With this said and as always… our prices will remain the same as they have always be. We believe there’s a fair price for everything and we only discount certain items permanently. If you’re not ready to pay a fair price for something think about who will be paying for it. This be who made the item so cheap that a company still turns a profit during Black Friday.

How does that work? Simple, the price difference between the cost of the product and the actual price you pay for it is so jacked up that when a retailer lower the price on Black Friday… they are still turning a profit… That means the product you are buying can only made under unethical conditions. But worse than that is leading small makers having to go into Black Friday sales in order to keep the ball moving… the business moving so close to Christmas… and at times at a complete loss.

But have you thought how you yourself are actually also a victim? The marketing ploys are designed for you to spend more on items you don’t need many times but also leading you to disconnect from the product you are making and everything that has led to it now being in your hands.

And in all of this the only person winning is the big retailer buying cheap from poor countries, selling to you at an incredible jacked up price, and then, making you buy more on days like Black Friday…

So, in conclusion, we are happy to not be a part of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

How “trendy” green washing is…

It’s only a matter of time folks as we’re thrown sand up our nostrils with Green Washing left and right… One of the latest attempts at this is AIB as the article below shows… It would be hilarious to laugh at this if it wasn’t for the dire moments our world is facing more and more… But then again, financial institutions where ok with the biggest atrocities this world has seen and then cowardly shut up to save face and prestige and heavily lobbied to hide their blame… as long as the money kept flowing.

Here’s the article:

Let’s see how many will read this!

So… it has now passed more than a month since there has been a complete radio silence from Cork Crafts… Radio silence as in no more social media such as the big blue “f” and the big pinkish “i”. You know what I mean I am sure of it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, what happened? Well, a break was needed for personal reasons, but what I found out would change my life completely <insert clickbait link here>.

Does this makes any sense to you the reader? To most maybe not, so let’s dissect what has happened. When I posted the last post on “i”, I didn’t know if I’d be back, but it was a conscious decision to disappear from those two networks. It was such a needed break that I did not feel the urge to post, or to check any of those two sites anymore. And as time passed, I found myself not mindless scrolling or feeling annoyed at content that I felt compelled to interact with.

Shortly after these events, the news broke of another big “f” whistleblower. I consumed the following video in it’s entirety:

Frances Haugen, careful, complete, concise, rational and on point declarations, confirmed something I knew already since at least 2016. What was first just a suspicion, such a suspicion I actually thought I was falling for a conspiracy theory in my head! But no. It was all real. Like a crazy Hollywood movie, but real. All the pieces I had already figured of this complex puzzle dipped in a comforting blue, fell into place once I heard her statements.

After this, I could no longer even conceive post or interact with blue “f” and pink “i”.

But what was it that led me to this? I will explain in a few points:

1 – The complete disregard for societal norms and preservation of free democratic societies. Frances Haugen proved time and time how internal research at this company how the use of this platform has led to not only the rise of totalitarianism at a global scale, including what we have seen in the UK and the US since 2016, but even worse, led to genocides around the globe through the exploitation of the platform to use it as a propaganda machine by far right and far left activists. The company actively does not police these posts as it profits from the discord it generates. In the words of a recent leak about the 2016 elections “โ€œIt will be a flash in the pan,โ€ Bounds said, according to the affidavit, as reported by the Post. โ€œSome legislators will get pissy. And then in a few weeks they will move on to something else. Meanwhile, we are printing money in the basement, and we are fine.โ€” (Source: and we all know how this is still going! Five years on! Nothing has changed!

This is the mentality behind the company, anything for profit, even if it means destroying the pillars of democratic society world wide.

2 – The most baffling and “I wish it was false because it sounds so out there” is how the pink “i”, according to internal research is damaging young girls mental states. I would go even further and state that is not only young girls but pretty much everyone that uses it. You see, everyone is trying to look amazingly positive and perfect in this place and that leads to everyone trying to match that. Important subjects such as mental health issues become fashionable statements from people that look so extraordinarily fake it hurts. This idea of perfection at all stages is extraordinary fake and leads to something we don’t have anymore. The communication, empathy for one another and interaction with friends that can hear us. We become isolated feeling we are misplaced because our lives are no “i” perfect. I found out, many times at events, finding certain teenagers and young adults that where completely agoraphobic, completely disconnected from even talking with people. On the other hand older generations, more disconnected, actually having a conversation and listening to you and replying to your conversations in a dialogue. Of course, they’ll say they have no input on this. But again, the gargantual amount of leaked documents prove how internally they know about this and choose not to act. Not convinced yet? Here’s what Haugen has to say about it “Ms Haugen also said she believes “i” is “worse” than other apps such as TikTok, Reddit and Snapchat because of how it is “about bodies and comparing lifestyles”. Now think about it… what’s the subject matter of other social networks mentioned above? And is it not that the subject of “i”?

I cannot, in good conscious be a part of something that completely ignores what is mentioned above. But point 3 is where things get interesting…

3 – The complete lack of support for small businesses at all levels. “f” and “i” like to advertise themselves as the perfect platform to advertise your small independent business. Very bluntly. It’s all a lie. They change the algorithms on purpose every few weeks (again, this is proven by the leaked documents) with the intent of forcing everyone into the ads and crafted target audiences. This makes it incredible hard for marketeers to be able to use it unless you unload a serious amount of money that, does not mean will necessarily reflect any revenue for the small business! I personally tested this many times and know of others that have done as well.

But what’s more interesting was the realization I had a good time afterwards. At first I didn’t even thought about checking this same website at all. A good few weeks after being disconnected, I thought it would be interesting to check the stats on the site. To my astonishing surprise, the site kept the exact same number of views as before with social media on “f” and “i”. There was no alteration at all! No abysmal loss of views or interactions. What this made me realize was how completely irrelevant it was to continue “creating content” that was basically creating stuff for “f” and “i”!

And so, I came to the realization that I don’t need “f”, “i” or even “w”. While I won’t delete the profiles I will leave them there inactive without interacting with anything. Like a pristine shop front window but which door to the main premises is in a completely different building. Why this? Because this is the most effective way to exploit the big blue “f”, the content is there, “f” will continue to try and drag me, the user to interact with it, and by doing so it’s showing it to more people, leading evenย  to ending up gaining followers on “i” during this time! But essentially I won’t be feeding the machine with my own clicks and views.

Frankly, even without realizing this, I would have left those three platforms anyway given the situation, but it’s just a perfect storm of events leading to this.

And for you the Cork Crafts fan, all I can say is, you know our products, you know where to find us. We have made a conscious decision to not interact with the blue “f” anymore. It may change, maybe, in the future, if the platform changes. But for now. It’s over.

You can find us here, at

I will personally take care of updates on here the blog posts and that will be for now the social media interaction we will take forward.

And frankly, we hope you do the same, and leave the toxicity of those virtual platforms.


Vasco, The Cork Man

P.S. – This post was intentionally written without any images to force the reader to go through with it. If you read ’till the end. Comment that you read this, You rock!
P.P.S. – This post was also intentionally written without mentioning the so called social media platform for obvious reasons.