A change of use (for the blog at least)

We really did want to keep on with updates on the blog but it has been increasingly difficult with so many events we’re taking a part of. We are going weekly to Macroom, Ballincollig, Cork and many other places.

With this in mind and since you can find our daily updates in instagram and facebook (, we are going to use this space to divulge information about the uses of cork. The cork industry and it’s sustainability and general news regarding Cork Crafts and everyone that makes this project possible.

Stay tuned! ­čÖé


The capital of cork country

We ended up spending a week in Lisbon and Lisbon is truly the capital of cork country.

From traditional coffee shops more than 100 years old completely covered in cork (sadly to wandering around Feira da Ladra and finding so many cork antiques.

Some of them where these spoons that we got:


You can now see them at our markets. They are hand carved from cork pieces and the smallest one is actually sanded too.

Impressive skills that still exist in the heart of cork country.

In Cork Country…

We spent the last few days at a wedding in a town called Sobral de Monte Agra├žo. The name itself reffers to a wood of cork oak trees and the city’s crest features a cork oak tree


The interesting thing about this place though is that it might not have ever featured cork oaks at all but actually the lands where the city lies was offered to a prominent family called the Sobral Family which was offered the hill where the city lies in the 12th century.

Nonetheless the crest and name are definetly a refference to a cork oak woods. ­čÖé

Today Sobral is surrounded by vineyards and is known as the heart of the wine from the Portuguese Estremadura or the Greater Lisbon Area..

The Day we Met The Whistler


Yesterday we had the honor to meet The European Tree of the Year. The Whistler. The oldest cork oak tree at over 200 years of age.

There are no words that describe being next to such a magnificent┬á living organism and how it alone is an ecosystem in itself…


Name: The Whistler
Scientific Name: Quercus Suber L

Perimeter at Base: 5.24 Meters

Height: 16.20 Meters

Age: Around 233 Years


We also made a video a Facebook  live for it: