A Tuesday in Macroom

Today was a great day in Macroom! The sun was shinning and it was great to be outdoors chatting with everyone about cork bark.

We where visited by the Macroom Together for Yes Campaign and we got a second Yes badge. They do go very well with the colors of our friends Paulo and Joana from Hand Color back in Portugal.


Lastly, we met Mick Cadec of Cadec Woodwind. We talked for a long while because Mick uses cork regularly in the restoration of music instruments. It was great to talk in detail about so many details about the cork production and to learn about another use for cork bark, including how the advent of plastic had led to a shortage of cork bark in the mid  90s… Luckily those days are long gone and the cork is here to stay and to be a natural alternative to plastics…

Overall it was a great day! We will definitely be back in Macroom. 🙂

A Year of Cork Crafts

Can you believe it’s already a year that we first started bringing cork to Cork? One year on, we believe it’s a cause for celebration!

For that, we are officially launching our website that you can visit here at and…

We want specially to thank YOU for making this project possible at every market, every festival, every event. Not only with your purchases, but with every question, every conversation, every opportunity that we had to explain how cork is produced, harvested and how it’s one of our most sustainable natural sources.

To celebrate one year of trading, we are offering 40% on all Purses and Backpacks tomorrow at The Fair Alternative  !!



So… Thank you, Gracias,  Merci , Grazie, ありがとう, daw-dyeh, Danke, Khop Khun Mak Kha, Spasiba, 감사합니다 , Takk, Mahalo, Toda, Efharisto, شكرا جدا, Благодаря ти, Dziękuję Ci, köszönöm…

Go raibh maith agat!


See you at the next market. 😉