Our Partners

This page is dedicated to all our partners in Portugal. Feel free to comeback often as we’ll add more info soon!

Hand Color

Hand Color was established in 2010 by the artisan and sociologist Joana Martins and Paulo Caldeira, archaeology trained. We aim to create unique handcrafted and conceptual pieces that show traces of Portuguese culture, our history and our daily lives, resulting in contemporary accessories with innovative design, and pieces with a classic and refined look.
We also intend to extol the unique works of renowned artists, as well as give life to various full color patterns we created through modeling the raw materials we use.
  Polymer Clay was the chosen material, it is a very resistant material, including being waterproof, may be sanded, polished, varnished, and applied to various materials such as precious metals, etc., assuming a vibrant color palette and an effect timeless in several trends. 

In this modern material, we can apply the old craft techniques were applied to glass (glass mosaic) from 3,500 years ago by the Mesopotamians, Greeks and later the Romans. After several centuries of development of the technique, it is dubbed “Millefiori” on the island of Murano in Italy in the century. XIV. 

The most significant difference between the ancient technique of “Millefiori” and the technique used by us is simply the use of different materials. The polymer clay is naturally soft, therefore, the process of “melting point” and reducing is done by hand and rolling grip, which produces sharper, more accurate and richer than the glass results. To complete the process of producing particular piece, the surface is coated with a transparent glaze, giving it a shiny, glassy and precious look. 

The Hand Color patterns are designed with great detail, designing a multitude of wonderful textures unique style. A sleek icon to the day and a glamorous or daring for evening wear adornment.

Joana and Paulo at their shop in Cabanas