Black Friday!!!

Happy to announce our Black Friday event is on following this link:

Did you notice the difference? That’s right… there’s none. As always, we believe that Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays are complete marketing ploys designed only to fuel fast fashion and fast consumerism. With this said and as always… our prices will remain the same as they have always be. We believe there’s a fair price for everything and we only discount certain items permanently. If you’re not ready to pay a fair price for something think about who will be paying for it. This be who made the item so cheap that a company still turns a profit during Black Friday.

How does that work? Simple, the price difference between the cost of the product and the actual price you pay for it is so jacked up that when a retailer lower the price on Black Friday… they are still turning a profit… That means the product you are buying can only made under unethical conditions. But worse than that is leading small makers having to go into Black Friday sales in order to keep the ball moving… the business moving so close to Christmas… and at times at a complete loss.

But have you thought how you yourself are actually also a victim? The marketing ploys are designed for you to spend more on items you don’t need many times but also leading you to disconnect from the product you are making and everything that has led to it now being in your hands.

And in all of this the only person winning is the big retailer buying cheap from poor countries, selling to you at an incredible jacked up price, and then, making you buy more on days like Black Friday…

So, in conclusion, we are happy to not be a part of it. 🙂